We’re proud of our selection of drinks – especially our spirits, which we we believe to be the largest selection of the best drinks in town! The lists below are designed to give an insight, but in no way reflect the size of the listings and are to be considered ‘incomplete’.


GinOur house pour tends to change with the seasons, favouring ‘meatier’ gin in the winter, and switching to a lighter cousin in the summer. We are overly passionate about Gin, and whichever style you fancy we have something for you. Our choice of house tonic to pair is Fevertree


VodkaWhilst we stock a full range of Vodkas, they can all sit unloved as for our House Pour we chose the unparalleled Belvedere! If you can pull yourself away, we also stock such delights as Snow Queen, Ultimat, Stoli Elite as well as a full compliment of flavoured Vodkas, headed up by crowd favourite Aivy White

Whisky & Whiskey 

premium msWe’re massive fans of Scotch, Bourbon, and generally anything that falls under the rather all-encompassing heading of Whisky! Our house Whisky is Monkey Shoulder; an excellent drinking whisky, which sits alongside other excellent blends, as well as its posh single malt cousins like Lagavulin 16, and the exclusive (and expensive!) Johnnie Walker Blue Label!JW BLUE

We also host whiskys from around the world – Japanese whisky is a perennial favourite of ours, and all of the usual American suspects like Jack Daniels, Bulliet & Tin Cup.



Once again gaining traction with drinkers, our range is headed up by Flor de Cana from Nicaragua, alongside old favourites like The Kraken, Morgans Spiced, Sailor Jerrys and Red Leg spiced rums. There’s plenty here whether white, dark, golden or spiced to keep the most pernickety pirate happy!

Other Spirits & Liqueurs

There is far too much to list – but rest assured that somewhere in our selection will be the drink you’re looking for!

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